Preparing for October!

Beginning to think that September is now a complete write off, BFN yesterday and im now a week late for AF with no AF signs on the horizon, I am thinking that maybe I never ovulated at all!! which would really throw the cat amongst the pigeons to know that my insides are not working as they should be 😦

So to distract myself ive been planning October and done a little shopping.


I used to do the temp charting but stopped about 10months ago because I was just finding it all too much and wanted to relax a little more, that hasnt worked lol so I will start again.

I have never used OPK tests so I am giving them ago especially after thinking what if I didnt ovulate this month, so I want to pin point the exact moment for October!

And I have also thrown some early detection pregnancy tests in the basket!….WHY have I never come across these babies before???? has anyone ever used them? do they work? I hope so!

And I have topped up my multivitamins as I ran out yesterday.

That should all keep me going for a while 🙂

Is there anything that you recommend?


Debs xx