Preparing for the Baby Dancing to begin!

Yesterday was my last day of AF *claps* always nice to get it done and out the way. Also whilst on AF I find I relax a little as there are no pressures of trying to get OH in the ‘mood’, feeling bad if we don’t BD and we can kiss and cuddle knowing its not going anywhere so we appreciate the smaller things a little more.
So I spent the weekend just chilling out and it was very much needed and I managed to only consume one bottle of wine over the WHOLE weekend….result!
Now the countdown begins until we begin baby dancing, I want to start on Thursday and BD every other day for the whole week, fingers crossed! I have the weekend off and so does my OH 🙂 I will start using the OPKs tomorrow to help try and nail my exact ovulation and continue with my temping.
I have also added green tea to the mix and have found a green tea with mint which is really lovely and refreshing….might have to lay off it when BD begins as it does have a windy side effect hehe
Anyway its all preparation and I’m trying to stay positive.
Its our 12yr anniversary this month and I turn 29yrs next month so it would be the best time….and in time to announce it on Christmas day to family……ok I’ve thought way too much ahead….I promise I haven’t looked up what my due date would be….*wink*

So I raise a Mint Green Tea to you all who are joining me in October and here is to a happy, fertile and busy baby dancing month!

Love Debs xx


Taking control again!

Abit of a late night post but I just wanted to share how good it feels to be taking control again.
For the last year we have tried the relaxed method of TTC and its not got us anywhere, so it feels good to be charting my basal body temperature and shall be using OPKs again.
As well as doing those two methods to try and track ovulation this shall be my 2nd month using Agnus Castus.

The last month I have made some huge changes to my diet, I don’t eat cheese, bread, pasta, potatoes and if I eat rice its wholegrain. I’ve cut down to one coffee a day and substituted the other cups with Peppermint tea and lemon and ginger tea.
Snacks consist of any berries, smoothies, nuts, dried fruit etc and breakfast is oats with added berries and walnuts 🙂 even I read all that and think whoa who the hell have I turned into….Gillian Mckeith!!! Teehee

I am going somewhere with this post….I have been so distracted in the last two weeks that hopping on the weighing scales has not entered my thoughts, so I did just that tonight and I have lost 1 1/2 stone in 4 weeks!!! I still have a long way to go but its a start and its given me a boost.

Taking control is what I can do and do well, I like being in control and I enjoy the satisfaction of control….now I just need to kick the wine habit at weekends lol

At this moment in time I feel at ease, looking forward to the month ahead and can not wait to get cracking and do a lot of baby dancing *wink wink*

My goal….a BFP for Christmas….yes please Santa!

Think Positive!

I am trying to be a little more positive today, but its not working and I feel utterly down in the dumps. I managed to blag a day working from home because I just could not face going into the office today.

So ive been surfing…..the net not waves 😉 and look what I came across on 

Image Image






How cute!

If only I had the bottle to wear that T Shirt I would!

That Bitter Sweet Feeling :(

I feel like such a terrible friend and feel like I’m being left behind.

I am the only one in my group of friends who does not have my own child or one on the way. Its ironic because I had always thought I would be one of the first to have children, being very child orientated and always been so keen to get cracking on the baby making lark and was the first one of the bunch to settle down, with house and mortgage….all the really exciting stuff…NOT! and now here I am!

I got a phone call this morning from a really good friend who i have grown really close with over the last 2 years as we have both been on our TTC journey and she had the best news to tell me….I bet you can all guess what it was!……yes she is 4 weeks pregnant!.

No please don’t get me wrong, I am super super excited for her. so happy and its such amazing news and it really did make my day, BUT yes I do have this bitterness and feel terrible for feeling it. I put the phone down and had the biggest lump in my throat I had to go outside for some air and escape the office to sort myself out.

I am guilty of pushing my friends away, its happened before and I really need to start dealing with it otherwise I am going to end up alone if I cant get past these feelings. I’ve done it with my sisters, sister in law and friends. It just hurts so much to see someone pregnant when I want to be so badly, my heart just aches to be in their position, so what I do is I don’t see them as much and we end up growing apart, and then when their little ones are born I cant visit as often as I would LOVE to because I just turn into a broody baby mess when I get home.

This might come across as sounding like I am the biggest most selfish friend ever and you are probably right, but what can I do? does this ever get easier?

Every where I look there are pregnant women wandering around, babies wrapped in snuggle blankets being pushed around, Scan photos being added on FB and TV shows where people finding out they are preggers!!! its everywhere!!!!

I never thought it would be this hard to start a family. You take it for granted that when you want to start it will just happen. I never wanted to be in the category of ‘trying’ for a baby, I always wanted it to just be a happy surprise…………maybe one day ay!

(PS: sorry for this being a self pitying post!)

Getting to know me……

The lovely Three for a girl tagged me in this linky to answer a few questions about myself. As I’m a blogging newbie, thought it might be fun:

When was the last time you cried?
about 30 mins ago 😦 my man rang me and I burst into tears (he doesnt always have that effect on me lol) he is working away until Friday!

Are you named after anyone?
The midwife who delivered me was a Deborah 

Do you have kids?
Nope, its a work in progress shall we say 😉

If you were another person would you be a friend to yourself?
Yes definitely I always have wine in the cupboard id make a great wine buddy!

Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Moi? never!

Will you ever bungee jump?
No I like my feet firmly on the ground!

What’s your favourite cereal?
can not beat a bowl of crunchy nuts

What’s the first thing you notice about people?
Their smile 🙂 

What’s your eye colour?

Scary movie or Happy ending?
oooooo am I aloud to say both? I am a sucker for a happy ending but have been know to watch films that scare me half to death, to the point I wont go upstairs to the loo on my own lol

Favourite smells?
Bacon, Cut Grass, Coffee and Sunday Roast to name a few…..oh and bleach!!!!

What’s the furthest you’ve been from home?
Down Under

Where were you born?

Do you have any special talents?
I can roll my tongue over, do the splits and touch my nose with my tongue haha

Do you have any hobbies?
Cooking, Drinking, travelling and now blogging yippee

Do you have any pets?
No not since the hamster incident……

Favourite Film?
The Notebook, Grease, Airplane, Back to The Future, Breakfast at Tiffanys

Do you have any siblings?
2 Sisters and 2 Brothers

phew thats it done 🙂 hope I have not scared you off!…come back…..COME BACK!!!! 😉

I’m tagging the following lovely ladies in case they would like to join in and look forward to having a nosy at their answers…

Allotment Mum


Stressy Mummy

:0) have fun!

Preparing for October!

Beginning to think that September is now a complete write off, BFN yesterday and im now a week late for AF with no AF signs on the horizon, I am thinking that maybe I never ovulated at all!! which would really throw the cat amongst the pigeons to know that my insides are not working as they should be 😦

So to distract myself ive been planning October and done a little shopping.


I used to do the temp charting but stopped about 10months ago because I was just finding it all too much and wanted to relax a little more, that hasnt worked lol so I will start again.

I have never used OPK tests so I am giving them ago especially after thinking what if I didnt ovulate this month, so I want to pin point the exact moment for October!

And I have also thrown some early detection pregnancy tests in the basket!….WHY have I never come across these babies before???? has anyone ever used them? do they work? I hope so!

And I have topped up my multivitamins as I ran out yesterday.

That should all keep me going for a while 🙂

Is there anything that you recommend?


Debs xx

Negative :(

I tested this morning with a tesco own brand and like the title says “negative” 😦
Just confused and frustrated now because there is no sign that AF is coming so what on earth is going on down there!

I just drove my OH to the airport because he is going away with work until Friday, so I’m home alone for a whole week….its going to be a long week I reckon.

Sorry I couldn’t bring you all happier news after the fuss over yesterdays test.
Hope you all have a wonderful saturday, Love
Debs xxx