October Testers!

Each month I shall create this separate area on my blog that will be a place for all of us testers to get together, swap stories, seek support, offer a shoulder and listening ear….or a  reading eye should I say!


Please feel free to introduce yourself, share your story so far, where you are in your cycle and what date you hope to test?

I have come to believe that a support network of lovely ladies in similar situations is great for your own sanity 🙂


Sending POSITIVE vibes for October 2012 & oodles of baby dust!…now who is going to be brave and go first?


7 thoughts on “October Testers!

  1. I’ll be testing on 29th October! Well, that is if AF doesn’t get me first!
    Why can’t we be like chickens and ovulate every day? Once a month is just way too long!

    • lol I didn’t realise you had already commented on here, I just told you all about it on the other post you commented on!

      I will probably end up testing from the day of ovulation haha… I need to learn some self control 🙂

      Can you imagine if we were like chickens and did that…..no one would ever go to work…I know I wouldnt!
      Lets hope more lovely ladies join us on here 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for joining us :)…..I know exactly how you feel, why do we set our selves up every month for such disappointment but one month we shall see that precious line.
      How long have you been trying?
      Debs xxx

      • We’ve been trying a year and a half now.. (not trying/not protected) for over 3 years. Glad I can find fellow bloggers to share the experience with!

      • aww bless you! I have it such a comfort to have support of fellow bloggers and TTC’ers so I hope you find the same.

        I have just discovered that drinking a large glass of 100% grapefruit juice a day helps with EWCM (Egg WHite Cervical Mucas) so im off to buy a few cartons 🙂 and also from 1dpo to 5dpo to eat pineapple (the pineapple and core) each day which helps with implantation…..will be giving this a whirl too 🙂 apparently one pineapple divided into 5 lots for the 5 days will do the trick :)…….I do excited about discovering new things to try! lol xxx

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