My Cycle Diary

***BEEP BEEP BEEP*** this is your TMI warning!! (Too Much Info) – you have been warned!

I used to keep a written journal through out my cycles and used it to record what type of CM I had, symptoms and cramps etc in a bid to try and work out what was going on each month. So instead of writing one I thought I will start one on here…..I have no shame lol so do prepare yourselves for a completely honest account of my monthly cycle, it will help me cross reference each month and maybe realise ‘that’ headache I get is not a pregnancy sign…..I get it every month 😉

So lets begin….its October 2012

I am half way through my cycle at the minute so will start from day of ovulation and I will edit this post each day! if I dont feel free to shout at me to update it 🙂

15/10/2012 – 1dpo – Pink CM and spotting – (Today I began the Pineapple eating) – Very Tired through out the day

16/10/2012 – 2dpo – Slight Pink Spotting, creamy light pink CM and a few cramps (2nd day of Pineapple eating) – sore throat

17/10/2012 – 3dpo – really bad headache all day, pink spotting (3rd day of pineapple eating!)


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