Still here…..waiting, wondering…pushing people away :(

I am still here, lurking in the back ground, reading all your blogs, following your storys, seeing birth announcements, scan pics on FB, pregnant ladies moaning constantly about being pregnant, gazing at new baby photos, reading new mummy moans about no sleep, looking at pregnant belly shots, dealing with a deep longing inside my heart, googling signs and symptoms, getting angry at AF arrival, tired of trying, tired of being happy for others, tired of smiling a fake smile, tired of life and I’ve pushed all my friends away.
I’m still here………..just me…..longing for that happy day…… 😦


3 thoughts on “Still here…..waiting, wondering…pushing people away :(

  1. Hang in there…I know it sucks. I have been there (and am still there). You have more support out here than you may remember at times 🙂 It’s OK to not be happy for others when you genuinely aren’t. I’ve come to realize that when it happens to someone you love (a friend or a sister), you just *are* happy for them. If you have to fake it, it’s not worth expending that energy. Take care of yourself instead.

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