so it begins…..again!

Just letting you all know I am still here! I have had a week that makes you realise you never know exactly what is round the corner.

As my AF is beginning, its another month gone by where no spermies smooched the egg enough to create a little life. I feel absolutely shattered and like a fool. Did the grapefruit drinking improve my cm? No! Did the pineapple help implantation? No! Did eating walnuts, cashews and piles of veg do anything? NO!
But will I begin it all again ready for next month? YES?…..why? Because I WILL get my Christmas wish, because I want us to have our own little family, because this time next year as I approach my 30th birthday I want that special bundle to cuddle.

So its Cycle Day 1 – agnus castus I begin again and the grapefruit juice drinking……and I’ve just ordered some Preseed from Amazon.

I have cried my tears for what could of been this month and need to look forward to next.

…And so it begins……again!….sigh


2 thoughts on “so it begins…..again!

  1. Me too 😦 AF showed last night, though I’d been expecting it since Fri when the odd cramp started. You know you should get your OH to eat the nuts too – though apparently it takes 3 months for it to make a difference to his swimmers.
    What to do huh? We can’t just give up.
    *Big hug* Hx

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