……dam no will power!

I promised myself that I would not do it this month but tonight google got the better of me and I worked out what my due date would be if this cycle was successful….the 7th of July 2013 🙂 – why did I do that? I’m just raising my hopes for them to be squished.
I also worked out that I would be 12weeks a week before Christmas…this really excited me as I have always imagined telling family/friends on Christmas day, so this would work perfectly….again setting my hopes high for them to be dropped like a ton of bricks.
Why do I do it to myself?


7 thoughts on “……dam no will power!

  1. Don’t feel bad, I have already calculated my estimated due date for my next IVF cycle in January and then did the math dating forward for family and personal milestones that coincide with pregnancy. (if we’re lucky we’ll get pg right around our 15th wedding anniversary, know for sure by Vday, I’ll find out if I have my job at the start of my 2nd trimester and delivery right about now in October 2013!)

    My husband calls it crazy pregnancy math 🙂

    On the one hand it’s totally crazy making but on the other hand I find it comforting.

    • Really am glad you came forward! I don’t feel like such a crazy person knowing others do it aswell haha it is def a comfort thing and aswell I’m a control freak so like to plan ahead! Let’s hope we get our news 🙂 xxx

  2. I haven’t worked out the date, but we know that this is the last month it can happen if my DH is to be a Daddy before turning 30. 4 members of his family (inc. him) were born on the 21st July… I’m hoping it’s a good omen and this will be our month!
    I hope it won’t be disappointment for you… you’re doing your utmost to make it happen! And it will happen, we just have to keep believing! x

  3. Hey, I’ve done the same. My first ovulation day after after we start proper will be 4th Jan, my birthday! If we were lucky enough to conceive straight away and working back to the first day of the period that proceeded that, i would be due on 28th Sept 2013!

    (here’s hoping for all of us *crosses fingers*)

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