oh how the mind boggles

Well after the disaster that was Friday evening, we have definitely made up for it *wink*
I got a def positive OPK yesterday and a little bit of light bleeding which I have never experienced before so close to ovulation, after I spent a good hour putting google and twitter to good use I came to the conclusion it was a good sign that ovulation was about to happen.
OH was frog marched upstairs and pounced on…..he didn’t complain πŸ™‚

Its a bizarre feeling when you lay there after baby dancing, wondering what is going on inside, if anything!
Is OHs army doing their job? Are they well on their way to their one and only mission…is one feeling luckier than the rest? Or have they just all slacked off for the day and found a quiet spot they can laze around in!
As I sit here typing away me woes my mind is boggled with thoughts of what ifs and wonderings of what is actually happening.
But what I do know is more baby dancing is to come, I will continue to pee on the opks just to keep an eye on the LH levels and will ofcourse be looking out for that ovulation pain/cramp /twang I get and then move onto the 5 days eating of pineapple just incase there is something so precious needing a little boost to help it make its home πŸ™‚

Watch this space…..


14 thoughts on “oh how the mind boggles

  1. Wondering what’s going on inside – or which way to lay! I got a positive OPK yesterday so we excitedly DTD last night and you’re so right – now what? I started off with the normal ‘cushion under bum’ thing, but then remembered an article I read the other day that said if you had a retroverted uterus (mine is apparently more ‘upright’ in my body, along with 20% of the female population) your cervix would be differently positioned so you should lay on your front instead. After changing positions several times and interrogating DH as to where my cervix was positioned (“Err, at the end of the hole?”) DH asks “Are you trying to mimic those marble games where you turn the table to move the ball through the maze into the hole?” LOL! At least we can still laugh about it I suppose!
    Like you I just hope the little swimmers made it in and are patiently searching out the egg. Had lots of pineapple yesterday and got two waiting for me at home this evening! Well, you never know what might help!
    Good luck! The dreaded 2WW awaits us soon! Argh!!! x

    • Oh that made me laugh out loud hun!

      Afterwards I sent OH to get some water and whilst he was out the room I spun around and threw my legs up the wall with bum on pillow (just for comedy effect lol) when he cames back in he burst into laughter and so did I, its good to have a little bit of humour :)Γ΄ I even had a few stern words to my insides and gave them a pep talk haha
      I am loving the pineapple eating part!! Whether its just because it feels like I’m doing something because in other months at the early stage of the 2ww I’ve just felt useless like there is nothing I can do, so devouring pineapple is keeping me happy πŸ™‚

      Our cycles are exactly the same then πŸ™‚ xxx

      • I’m hoping for us both to get the good news this month! Would be so good to ‘reveal’ at Xmas…

        *sigh* It’s not a bad thing to get your hopes up is it? x

      • Its not bad to get hopes up when it all comes true I suppose πŸ™‚ but to keep getting hopes up every month to be let down is very draining……jeese I’m feeling so negative today! (Give me a slap lol) xxxx

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