Preparing for the Baby Dancing to begin!

Yesterday was my last day of AF *claps* always nice to get it done and out the way. Also whilst on AF I find I relax a little as there are no pressures of trying to get OH in the ‘mood’, feeling bad if we don’t BD and we can kiss and cuddle knowing its not going anywhere so we appreciate the smaller things a little more.
So I spent the weekend just chilling out and it was very much needed and I managed to only consume one bottle of wine over the WHOLE weekend….result!
Now the countdown begins until we begin baby dancing, I want to start on Thursday and BD every other day for the whole week, fingers crossed! I have the weekend off and so does my OH 🙂 I will start using the OPKs tomorrow to help try and nail my exact ovulation and continue with my temping.
I have also added green tea to the mix and have found a green tea with mint which is really lovely and refreshing….might have to lay off it when BD begins as it does have a windy side effect hehe
Anyway its all preparation and I’m trying to stay positive.
Its our 12yr anniversary this month and I turn 29yrs next month so it would be the best time….and in time to announce it on Christmas day to family……ok I’ve thought way too much ahead….I promise I haven’t looked up what my due date would be….*wink*

So I raise a Mint Green Tea to you all who are joining me in October and here is to a happy, fertile and busy baby dancing month!

Love Debs xx


5 thoughts on “Preparing for the Baby Dancing to begin!

    • Thank you lovely xx
      Sorry for using the abbreviations, I have popped a new page on the blog which can be found along the top titled ‘TTC Lingo’ hope that helps 🙂
      AF – Aunt Flo (period)
      BD – Baby Dance (sex)
      They both make me chuckle to use lol
      and OPK – Ovulation Predictor Kit
      how are you doing? xx

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