Testing tomorrow!

There is only one thing occupying my mind today and that is thinking of tomorrow morning.
Last night I was sure my period was on the way after going to the bathroom and having pink cm, so that really got me down last night and then my other half came in the door from work all excited that he had a phone call from his best mate saying his wife is pregnant…..I felt awful but I just couldn’t be that excited for them 😦 instead I nipped upstairs and had a little sob.
I was sure that I would wake up to af this morning, but still nothing and no more spotting!!

So here is where I am at –
I ovulated on the 7/8th Sept
I am now about 19dpo

AF was due 21st Sept

I am currently 6 days late!

I have been super good this month and not tested early at all. I have been guilty of some months starting to test from 5dpo!!! So I thought I would stick it out this month and wait to see if af arrives. So many times have a tested then started my period an hour later and felt like a complete dope! So that is why I haven’t tested yet.

How I am feeling: very mixed emotions here is a few explanations I have going through my head:
A) – Maybe I didn’t ovulate at all so there is no need for a period.
B) – Maybe I’m just late!
C) – Maybe me being so poorly last week with that bad cold has delayed my period.
D) – I could actually be blessed!

Who knows!

I may aswell pop some symptoms I’ve been feeling, if they are symptoms.
I have been feeling exhausted, I could sleep all day and I’m always yawning. I feel bloated and keep getting cramping and lots of cm and ofcourse the pink spotting which keeps appearing.
The strangest thing is my boobs are not sore, they are always sore about 5days before my period starts but they seem fine, is it possible to get a bfp without sore boobs? All the stories I have read the first thing people talk about is how sore their boobs are!

Anyway I’m only on a lunch break and wasn’t planning on writing such an outburst haha
Any comments would be very much appreciated, I’m feeling kind of on my own today.
Blog love
Ps-cross your fingers for me for tomorrow is testing day! Aargh!


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