No news is good news!

Good morning, I am on a tea break at work, sat in the staff area all on my own so thought I would give a quick update.
Still no arrival of AF, but having lots of cramps and CM.
I will be testing on Friday if still nothing appears. Its months like this I wish I still used opks and temping but a few months ago I decided to give all that a break.
I do not want to get my hopes up but I have everything crossed and just want this week to disappear!

Ps- don’t forget you can follow my story by entering your email address on the left. This is completely anonymous, I won’t have access to your email and no one will see your following. I thought this was the best way to set up my blog. If you are going through the whole TTC thing then please feel free to comment with your story, I would love to meet others, and I don’t bite 😉


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