Definitely not office talk!

Its really hard when your having an emotional day and all you can think about is TTC. I work in a office as a professional web designer and what I’m going through is definitely not office chit chat suitable for the water cooler meetings. Most of my colleagues are men and I’m sure they would run a mile actually make that a marathon if I brought up the subject of baby making!

I just can’t wait to get home and put my pjs on and veg on the sofa with something delicious to eat and a hot chocolate.

I am very grateful and glad that I have created this blog as a mini outlet for my happenings or non happenings is probably more fitting.
When you are TTC it feels like a lonely old world. I don’t have family I can talk to as we don’t speak that often due to miles between us and busy lives, and plus I don’t want them to know because I want them to be surprised if/when we can finally announce some good news. Only 1 of my friends is aware and she also lives many many miles away. The local friends I have made since moving don’t know a thing, I think its quite a personal thing especially when its taking so long so probably won’t tell them just yet.

In the mean time I will posting my randomness here and will be as honest as I can. I shall apologise in advance if there is ever TMI but I will try and warn you in advance 😉

I do feel abit daft at the moment like I’m talking to myself but hopefully fellow TTC’ers will come out the woodwork soon and join me :o)


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